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•Latest 3D-Full-HD Blu-ray Multimedia Player.

•Super compact and easy operation included copy function to connected HDD/USB (only for copy protection free files!).

•YouTube streaming via LAN.

•Playback of: BD, DVD, CD, DiVX-HD, H.264, MKV, MPEG4, MP3 and JPEG formats.

•AQUOS-Pure-Mode and Super Picture for the best picture quality with a connected Sharp AQUOS LCD-TV.

•Optical / HDMI- Digital Audio Output, 7.1-Ch downstream conversion, 2x USB-Host (rear and front).

•Copy function to HDD/USB, AQUOS-Link GUI-All remote function.

•Low Power Consumption (~ 0.5 W in Standby Mode).

Region : A

Region : 2