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Overlord 4K Blu-Ray Digital

Overlord 4K Blu-Ray Digital

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Story Movie

Overlord true 4k movie - this is certainly one of the brightest and most worthy films Overlord UHD of the past year, turned out to be quite different than expected before viewing. However, in this case, it goes to the picture and the impressions of what he saw on the screen is only good. The director of this tape, Julius Avery, shot an excellent symbiosis of genres of military action, horror, action and thriller, in which none of the genres pulls the blanket to their side.


Review 4K Movie

In general, they decided to make a screen version of Return to the castle Wolfenshtein - but they remembered in time that the screen versions of the games of the same name (Doom, Hitman and others) failed every time at the box office, and rationally made a different name, leaving the story out of the game. Probably, this is how Overlord true 4k movie appeared.

The impression that you are watching the film version of Wulfinstein, in fact, does not leave the entire film. Too many features, and even landscapes and buildings are somehow too overly similar to the images from the game. And these various mutagenic creatures fed by the Nazis to the glory of the Third Reich .. But, since they did not name the movie after the game, there is nothing to compare.

What to say about Overlord UHD. According to the trailer it seemed that there would be a mystical thriller or high-quality horror, a horror movie with monsters, and all this, in the spirit of the early Saw, even probably. And in fact ... Damn, well, chess word, this is a film adaptation of the game Return to the castle Wolfenshtein - well, who you want to fool. And I can even say quite successful.

Having been on the pre-order in IMAX in 2D, I want to note that the film for IMAX has never been adapted, but in 3D it would have looked much more driving. A lot of action, a lot of shooters, and explosions generally rolls over, as if not JJ Abrams takes off, but Michael Bay. At some moments, even with hindsight, you begin to wait for the ancient transformers to pop up, heh. But there is a lot of action, but in 2D IMAX it looked poor. From which even a little hurt. So much pyrotechnics wasted, goes.

The plot in the film - nowhere linear. According to the dynamics - strong, as I like in such films, in the beginning there is no string for acquaintance with the characters - all this will take place already in the course of the play. That is, the film began - and immediately into the action, and then we'll figure it out. The film is the purest popcorn for eyes and brains. But here, I think, it is understandable. Overlord Ultra HD turned out spectacular, but at one time. And, by the way, not at all terrible, this is not a horror at all, but rather such a strong action movie with monsters. Like in the game.

If he had been in 3D, I think he would have put the rating higher, too much on 2D IMAX, the topic of action and special effects came out undisclosed. There are dynamics and spectacles for the eyes, there is no work for the brain, everything is simple and predictable. Frankly speaking, there were other expectations from the film, I wanted a strong horror movie. And it turned out something akin to the screen shots about the Nazis, where the brave Yankees save the world. But at one time - you can. Revise is unlikely to want.

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